Why do men like naked bodies and dirty movies?

upskirt stories prostitute porn blog Why do men like naked bodies and dirty movies?

Scientists have discovered that men instinctively like watching other people have sex. Here is why they do it, and why it is mostly ok.

Most nights, after their wives go to bed, men spend surfing the net looking for pornographic content. Despite men’s claims that these night habits have nothing to do with their love life, ladies often worry that their partners prefer to watch porn than to make love with them.

This is a common reaction. “Often one partner has increased interest in pornography and the other sees it as a problem,” says Dr. Russell, a psychologist and sex therapist. “But it is rarely a problem. The most extensive studies show that only 5 percent of porn content users have a problem that seriously affects their daily lives. “

This is very good news, considering the number of people who watch pornography. According to a 2014 survey, a quarter of male Internet users visited “adult” websites, while only 3 percent of women were interested in them. In 2016 alone, the porn industry earned almost 13 billion dollars.

Men and pornography: How it came about in the first place!!!

Most women have no reason to worry. Whatever draws a man to porn is rarely a reflection of his relationship with his partner, says sex therapist Barbach from San Francisco. “Some women feel threatened because they think they are not as sexy as porn stars, but that has nothing to do with what their man (doesn’t) get at home. This is something new for him, and that is why it excites him. “

Still, the question remains: Why do so many men like to look at pictures of naked people? And the answer is not easy. The excitement caused by porn is associated with many parts of the brain. A recent theory says that mirror neurons – brain cells that react in the same way when an activity is observed as when it is exercised, play an important role in raising excitement.

upskirt stories prostitute porn blog Why do men like naked bodies and dirty movies?

But even when we know what we are doing by watching pornography, we still do not know why our brains are horny.

Dr. Stambaugh calls for evolution. The male brain, he says, was created to be easily aroused, so men are ready for sex whenever the opportunity arises – which has to do with the reproduction of the species. With online pornography at your fingertips, the ability to activate mirror neurons is ubiquitous.

When women realize that pornography is no substitute for them and when men are less ashamed of their habits, many couples will have a more relaxed sex life and relationship in general. Maybe it will lead to more “spicy” activities in bed, with a variety of sexy lingerie and more experimentation.

Porn movies are never a problem, says Dr. Stambaugh. “The bigger problem is the way the partners communicate and the way the partners reveal themselves to each other.”

upskirt stories prostitute porn blog Why do men like naked bodies and dirty movies?

After all, adult videos can also be a positive aspect of your relationship. Watch adult movies together. The possibilities are endless. It is easy to please men, so the best solution is to choose what she likes. Whatever she likes will probably be good enough for him too. One of the porn websites HotPorn.sex provides you a whole range of different love categories that you can find together with your partner and satisfy all your hidden fantasies.

Keep your safety first. Unprotected sex is common in porn movies, but it shouldn’t be in your bedroom either.

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