7 A-List Actors Who Bared It All For The Camera!

Many people have a desire of watching their favorite stars naked. Yes, many actors did show their naked bodies on-screen. You might wonder why they do it. You might think that they don’t work in the porn industry. So, why they would have to pose naked in front of the camera?

You need to understand that the pornstars in the industry are not the only people who would have to come out naked in front of the camera. Big celebrities both men and women might do that for the sake of the role they are playing. Sometimes it feels natural to show off everything.

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They could be playing the role of a prostitute or sex addict or even the porn stars shooting for various porn sites. You need to understand that many actors have posed naked in front of the camera and here are seven of them that you should check out anyhow. 

  1. Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct-1992)

One of the iconic scenes of the 90s from the Hollywood movie, Basic Instinct, is where Sharon Stone reveals everything. Yes, she has dressed in a white dress and she is not naked. But, you can see everything that’s inside that dress. Her expressions and urge for sex make that scene a true specimen of how an actor can pose naked with sublime dignity and grace. You should definitely check this scene out because it’s work watching it. 

  1. Nicole Kidman (Eye Wide Shut-1999)

If you try to make a list of the hottest Hollywood actresses, then you have to include Nicole Kidman in them. It was a dream for many Nicole Kidman fans to see her naked in a movie. That opportunity came in the 1999 Stanley Kubrick movie, Eyes Wide Shut. Along with Tom Cruise, the erotic scenes where Nicole is naked will be a treat for her fans. 

  1. Christian Bale (American Psycho-2000)

Yes, you can watch Christian Bale naked if you are one of his fans. If you watch his movie American Psycho that came out in 2000, you can get a pretty decent rear view of naked Christian Bale. But, the scene is not at all sexy. You can deem it as a horror scene as a blood-soaked Bale chases a prostitute with the chainsaw in his hand. However, for his fans, this scene will be interesting to watch. 

  1. Kate Winslet (Multiple Movies)

If you want to watch Kate Winslet naked, then you will have many opportunities to do that. She has posed naked in multiple movies. Who can forget her iconic naked scene in Titanic opposite Leonardo DiCaprio? Apart from this one, you can find her naked in Holy Smoke, Jude, Iris, and The Reader. So, you will have many opportunities to watch her naked. 

  1. Michael Fassbender (Shame-2011)

Without any doubt, Michael Fassbender is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. He is ready to do everything to make a character come alive with his stunning performances. If you have watched Shame, a movie that came out in 2011, you will remember his naked body as he was playing the character of a sex addict. You should check this movie out. 

  1. Eva Green (The Dreamers-2003)

Without any doubt, Eva Green never shies away from showing her nude boobs in front of the camera. The Dreamers is not the only movie where you can see her naked although, in this movie, she shows everything to her fans. Apart from that, her controversial Sin City poster is also something that you can take a look at if you want to see her naked. 

  1. Margot Robbie (The Wolf Of Wall Street-2013)

If you have watched The Wolf Of Wall Street, then you should vividly remember the scene where Margot Robbie opens the door only for Leonardo DiCaprio to see her naked. Look, each one of her fans remembers that scene because she looked stunning. Throughout the movies, you will be able to see her sexy body multiple times. It is a much-watch if you are a Margot Robbie fan. 

The Bottom Line

Finally, many people would love to have sex with the stars. But, they know it is next to impossible. But, you can watch them naked in multiple movies. You can also find many stars performing in online lesbian porno movies and these movies can be exciting to watch as well. So, go ahead and watch your favorite stars posing naked in movies to treat your eyes.

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