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Many forms of relationships exist. Some people have fallen in love with a partner, while others seek out short-term interactions to see how they turn out. Others want the benefits of a relationship without the dedication to the connection. In short, they want a friend with benefits. Let’s look at the rules and benefits of such a situation.

Being Friends with Benefits: What It Means?

A friend with benefits is simple to define. Basically, you and another person you are already friends with decided to have sex with each other. It’s not a serious relationship, just a way to get physical gratification without having to find a partner. So, you hang out with the person from time to time, and you sleep together on some occasions.

Where to Find Such Kind of a Friend?

Although the concept of a friend with benefits is not too difficult to imagine, the fact is that finding a friend with benefits can be quite difficult unless you use the proper tools. Unless you have a willing friend in your circle of friends right now, the best bet is to make use of an online dating service to aid you. Using a good dating service, you can easily look for free online sex with someone who has the same desires as you. Since you’re seeking a friend with benefits, you will be happy that you can also use a dating service that provides you with the opportunity to meet someone who shares your interests.

Rules of Friends with Benefits

Being a friend with benefits comes with certain ground rules that you should follow. Remember these when you start looking for one.

1. Try New Things

Nothing is more exciting than taking a risk and showing off your nude body to your partner to entice them or having sex in public places. This added thrill will make the interaction incredibly unique and memorable.

2. Don’t “Catch Feelings” for Each Other

The whole point of being friends with benefits is that you don’t have to worry about their feelings or them giving emotional support. In short, don’t start caring about your partner like they’re more than a friend.

3. Be Safe in All Things

When you’re with your partner, use protection and make sure you have fun at a neutral location. Make sure they’re really your friend.

Follow these rules for a great experience with a friend with benefits.

Benefits and Risks of “Friendship with Benefits”

Every dating experience comes with some risks and benefits, and these are the ones facing friends with benefits.


  • The intimacy without responsibility

The biggest benefit of being a friend with benefits is that you have sex without worrying about being a good roommate, comforting your partner, or listening to them talk about their day.

  • You can still hang out with them

Even when you’re done sleeping together, you don’t have to make them leave your apartment. Stick around, watch a movie, and be friendly. It’s like hanging out with a buddy after sleeping together; what could be better?


  • You might fall in love with them

When you’re consistently sleeping with someone, you might develop feelings, and that can feel bad if they’re unreciprocated.

  • If you do fall for them, then the relationship will probably end entirely

You can’t be “just friends with benefits” with a person you love. If you do fall for them, you need to realize it will probably end the relationship.

Consider these carefully before entering such a relationship.

Being friends with benefits can be a thrilling relationship. However, it comes with many potential benefits and drawbacks about which you need to be aware. Once you’ve decided to have this relationship, just use a website to start looking for someone who has everything you want in a partner!

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