Having Great Outdoor Sex

voyeur stories college brunette Having Great Outdoor Sex

Life would be so boring without some sex in the city now and then. When you and your partner find yourselves shagging like rabbits and want to try out new ideas, some heated outdoor sex is a sure bomb. If you’re by all means set on trying out great outdoor sex, focusing on having the right mental attitude, and an adventurous partner from wildspank will ensure that your pleasure is exciting, fun as well as disaster-free. First of all, find the right person for your experiences.

  • Outdoors Sex: to Be or Not to Be?

By all means, you should try out some outdoor sex. The daringness in it and the thrill inject you with some adrenaline rush, and you get to make some of your fondest memories. You don’t need to necessarily trade your reputation with this, like doing it in a public park and ending up apprehended by authorities. You can plan for some mature fun with your person by trying glamping and other special outdoor activities.

  • Choose the Right Location

For perfect sex to take place where your entire mind, body, and soul are into it, the environment has to be right. Whether you are just planning it secretly to surprise your partner or the two of you have outdoor sex on your bucket list, the location is the most crucial aspect, so be crafty on this one. For instance, you could go to a forest but consider aspects like dangerous animals. Basically, you need a safe place with minimal interruptions. Great scenery and scents are a plus.

  • Finding out New Positions for Yourself

Succeeding in a dating relationship requires creativity and being adventurous. Deciding to try some shagging in the woods away from your usual bed is a great way to spice it up. While at it, you can as well try out those steamy techniques that you’ve wanted to try. You want to create the kind of memory your partner will cherish and hold on to like their perfect movie.

  • Prepare for It (take a blanket or thick towel for comfort)

Ample preparation is rewarding, not only when you are trying to pass your end-of-semester exam but also when planning for some memorable jungle erotica. Suppose you plan to go hiking with your partner, where you are both trigger-quick to jump to a humping opportunity whenever it presents itself. In that case, you will need to pack some cushioning material like a blanket for comfort. You don’t want to go back to town with dirt-stained clothes or give your girl some tongue job when a rock is poking her butt.

  • Camping Is Great for Outside Experimentation

One of the best ways to enjoy outdoor sex is by going camping with a group of friends. If you love wild adventures, try out glamping which stands for glamorous camping. Here you get to sleep in the jungle in treehouses, yurts, and so on, and can you just imagine making love to your sweetheart when both of you are hanging from a tree! The thrill of it added to the revitalizing scents, and fresh air can take you straight to cloud nine. A new experience is always a nice adventure. Be creative and open to excitement!

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