Become an Expert on Exhibitionism with this Ultimate Guide

porn blog Become an Expert on Exhibitionism with this Ultimate Guide

Have you ever wanted to become an expert on exhibitionism? Maybe you just want to bolster your sexual esteem, but you don’t quite know how to go about doing this. Either way, this guide will tell you everything you need to know, so you can make the best choices possible. 

Are you an Exhibitionist?

Have you ever wondered why it feels so great to walk around naked? then it could well be because you are an exhibitionist. Feeding off your significant other while you strut around the living room without any clothes on is definitely pushing you toward exhibitionist territory. 

If the term makes you feel unsure, then there is a high chance that you have never heard it in a sexual context before. In this post, we are going to talk about the sexy and the consensual part of exhibitionism as it can be used to rocket your sex life, your libido and even your orgasms. 

It’s a very common fantasy and kink as well, and being open to the idea could rocket how satisfied you and your partner are in the bedroom. If you look at a lot of 4K VR porn, you will soon see that a lot of it features a lot of outdoor scenes, and this is one of the top categories for people who like to browse online. This just goes to show that exhibitionism is on the rise, and people are all too happy to support this sexy movement.

What is Exhibitionism?

If you love being at the heart of the party or if you love being the centre of all the attention, then it is entirely possible that being an exhibitionist is a skill that you have right now, this is even the case if you haven’t thought about it in a sexual way yet. In a sexual context, exhibitionism is all about having that sexual link, where you feel empowered by being seen naked or even partaking in sexual activities in front of other people. 

It may be that you love the idea of someone watching you when you masturbate. Another way to look at exhibitionism is the fact that it helps you to reveal your sexual attributes in an alluring or a suggestive manner. It involves you revealing body parts that may be covered or obscured by clothing. It’s pretty common too. Studies have shown that 81% of males and 84% of females have experienced some arousal at the thought of having sex in public which is one of the many indicators that you could well have a kink for exhibitionism. 

As stated above, exhibitionism is very common in those who are confident, and the amount of 4K VR porn out there regarding this topic really does show that this trend is now on the rise more than ever before.

How does Exhibitionism Differ from Voyeurism?

Believe it or not, the two actually go hand-in-hand. Someone who classes themselves as being a voyeur will often feel aroused at the idea of watching someone else being nude, or not having any clothes on. The fantasy of someone who is an exhibitionist will require a voyeur. 

You don’t need a partner if you want to be an exhibitionist or a voyeur because the two will thrive off one another. A lot of people who have sex in public tend to do so with a stranger too because there are no strings attached and it gives them the chance to feel the rush and the danger of potentially being caught. The thrill of potentially being caught is often enough to make a lot of people excited too.

Are you an Exhibitionist?

Remember that there is absolutely no reason for you to put an identity with your pleasures if you do not feel the need to identify at all. That being said, there are some major signs that adding a bit of exhibitionism to your life could well help you to showcase your true colours.

It may be that you quite enjoy the idea of being able to send nude pictures of yourself to your partner while they are at work, or that you enjoy encouraging your partner to shop for underwear with you. You may also engage in public sex even though there is potential for you to be caught, or if you enjoy the idea of having a third person watch you have sex or even masturbate.

Exhibitionism in the Bedroom

There are tons of ways that you can incorporate exhibitionism in the bedroom, but ultimately, communicating with your partner is the way to go. You need to chat about what you are interested in, establish boundaries, and also tell your partner what it is you enjoy. 

When you have the talking part down, you can then move on to getting comfortable with yourself. Build your comfort zone by practising alone, such as by dancing dirty in the mirror or even watching as you masturbate. 

Getting a strong sense of your own pleasure and showing off is the key to you being able to enjoy this with someone else. When you have this down, you can then videotape yourself masturbating so you can share it with your partner. 

You can also surprise your partner by greeting them naked when they come home from work, or you can have sex in public places. Having sex against a window, on your hotel balcony or even in a swimming pool is also a great way for you to showcase your love for your partner while getting the thrill of the outdoor space.

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