The Hard Facts About Male Sex Toys

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Hi guys, are you curious about sex toys and do you want to know more?

The true fact is you do now, this has not always been the situation in the past. You can now share your me time, with a luxurious friend.

porn blog  The Hard Facts About Male Sex Toys

While these Male Sex Toys from Getfleshy have been a double standard between male and female sex toy users, this has definitely changed for the better, fact.

Female sex toys are now being advertised by many star celebrities like Lill Allen and Abbie Chatfield. Unfortunately, you only have male sex performers and porn stars that endorse male sex toy for obvious reasons.

What Are the Facts?

Recent reports have shown that 80% of women and 70% of men own and have access to sex toy. I understand this looks surprisingly high. This may include people who have more than one in the house. The same as in the US, if you own one gun you normally have 2 or 3 in the house.

The market is estimated approximately over 46 billion USD and could increase to over 80 billion USD by 2030.

The nonexistence of manufacturing regulations allows the manufacturers to develop female and male-centric products, without any restrictions on reporting the material or chemical used in the products. 

Manufacturers are thus at liberty to develop many products under the label of novelty toys. Products such as vibrators, dildos, and e-stimulators are widely used by both genders for sexual stimulation.

Bluetooth Innovation for Male Sex Toys

The Fleshy Pro is increasing popularity of male sex toys has been observed worldwide. Guys, as well as couples, are experimenting with sex toys such as the new development of Bluetooth vibrators, luxury love toys, romantic toys, and automated toys. 

This definitely helps to enhance the sexual experience while making love or masturbating. Sex toys are also known to have medical benefits. They are helpful in the treatment of menopausal symptoms and neurological conditions such as lack of arousal. 

Guys Love Sex Toys

Generally, with men, toys help tackle sexual problems including premature ejaculation, lack of libido, and erectile dysfunction. The growing adoption of sex toys to treat these issues is likely to contribute to market growth in the coming years and in the future of any guy’s sexual life.

Even virtual devices, remotely controlled aids, and robots are the next generation of male sex toy developments.

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The Covid Pandemic Impact

A massive positive COVID-19 impact on the sex toy market. This increased web traffic, and a surge in sales of toys during the initial stage of the pandemic due to social distancing and quarantine. 

During COVID-19, customers shifted towards app-enabled sex toys and Bluetooth-powered toys, also known as teledildonics, to reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals in sex toys. 

Also, the increasing adoption of toys is attributed to couples experimenting with their relationship. Some of the market players are coming up with new toys that use technology to enhance customer experience.

It was a lonely time in the pandemic and many males use this time to try new things. Some learned how to cook, some kept fit, some binged eat and others investigated the sex toy market. What did you do?

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