Sex toys that can satisfy any fantasy

porn blog  Sex toys that can satisfy any fantasy porn blog  Sex toys that can satisfy any fantasy porn blog  Sex toys that can satisfy any fantasy porn blog  Sex toys that can satisfy any fantasy porn blog  Sex toys that can satisfy any fantasy porn blog  Sex toys that can satisfy any fantasy porn blog  Sex toys that can satisfy any fantasy porn blog  Sex toys that can satisfy any fantasy porn blog  Sex toys that can satisfy any fantasy porn blog  Sex toys that can satisfy any fantasy

Fans of pantiesless walking and public flashing know how important it is to follow all your desires, even if they may shock someone. And yes, many do not stop at just walking around the mall without panties or flashing tits or balls on the bus. Such public experiments can arouse a real desire, but how to satisfy it? 

porn blog  Sex toys that can satisfy any fantasy

It’s no secret that today the sex toy industry has evolved so much that anyone, no matter gender, and age, can make their sex life exotic and extremely hot even without a partner. Although, many toys can be used for mutual pleasure. By the way, they have become almost or completely silent, so if you ride the subway with a vibrator or a high-tech edition of the cock ring, no one will notice. Of course, if you do not dare to show your toy to a random stranger… 

Adult toys for all boys 

Many people think that a sex toy is a device for a woman only, or mostly for a woman. After all, it is 100% easier for men to have an orgasm, while women have to sweat to get the desired pleasure. So girls need helper toys more. But, this is not always the truth, and men’s toys can prove it. If we are talking about modern models for boys, such as a vibrating or “sucking” male masturbator, then you need to understand how multifunctional this device is. A few examples of what high-quality modern masturbators can do! 

  1. It helps to prolong the erection much longer thanks to different modes. If you feel that a powerful vibration or compression force brings you to the peak of pleasure after a few minutes – just reduce the intensity! By the way, such a masturbator is well-suited as a prelude to sex. 
  2. Different models – different possibilities! For example, some allow you to simulate sensations from oral sex, or give you the opportunity to feel super-strong compression, as with anal sex. 
  3. Interestingly, one of the most popular features is the “The Stranger” technique! This is a high-quality hand job, made by a confident and experienced hand. 
  4. They can warm up, and it’s really hot sex – up to 42 degrees if you like when your partner is super-hot. Or you can set the normal body temperature. 
  5. Some models allow you to connect your smartphone and a masturbator. Sex games, videos, chatting with a partner during the game – you can adjust your toy to your needs. 

And most importantly – your new friend can be easily washed, and used as many times per day as you want. There are recommendations for choosing a lubricant for each model that will help enhance the sensations. And then – turn on your imagination, or your favorite porn, because with such a powerful masturbating machine in your hands everything will become completely different for you!

The ring of power for your penis 

porn blog  Sex toys that can satisfy any fantasy

If we are talking about toys you can walk down the street with, then a penis ring is one of the quite popular ideas. And if they were not so comfortable just 3-5 years ago, today everything has changed dramatically. Lightweight materials feel like skin, and they are also easily and firmly fixed without squeezing the penis. 

Many men really like the effect also because a dick looks much more powerful with a ring! Of course, vibrations allow you to have a stronger erection, and even the veins become very noticeable. Many modern ring models give double stimulation – for the penis and testis! 

By the way, all models are equipped with different vibration modes, so they can be used together with a partner. Girls especially like vibrating toys, so if ladies want to make such a gift to their lovers, then it can be used for mutual pleasure! 

A sex toy for walking 

It turned out that a modern butt plug used in public is the most common option for those who like pantiesless walks! And for both girls and boys, this topic is always popular. An interesting thing is that today you can find not only static but also vibrating plugs that stimulate your excitement and imagination even more. You can prepare before using it with the help of special enemas, which can also be found in a sex shop. And these are not bulky medical enemas, but compact and convenient options that can also be fun! 

Although many lovers of walking without panties use other toys for anal sex you can also take them outside: 

  • anal beads; 
  • special simulators used like the Kegel simulator; 
  • anal plugs with decorative tails for fans of furie style! 

By the way, remote-controlled toys are becoming more and more popular. You can give control to a partner who can turn on the vibration at any time. He may be walking next to you, or even be in another country. Many manufacturers of sex toys create applications for the phone, so you can control the toy anywhere, anytime. 

Do not get lost among the popular novelties 

The Internet offers so many new great sex toys that it is impossible to immediately find out – and what exactly do you need and want? The online shop Amovibe will help you find everything you need for high-quality sexual pleasure. Here are the hottest new items and the most popular sex toys that you just have to try! There’s everything here, even something you have never tried before.

As well as a detailed description for each model, so it is very easy to make a choice. By the way, here you will also find everything you may need – lubricants that are suitable both for sex and for toys. And always pay attention to the Big Sale section – even the most expensive toys can be purchased at a special price, do not miss out on super offers and promotions. If you have any questions, write to the support service. 

Diversity in sex is diversity in life! Here you will find a huge number of modern and high-tech toys that will suit both partners.

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