How you can bring pleasure to your woman in bed

Always remember mutual agreement when it comes to intimacy. It is especially important to remember this when you decide how to properly fuck a girl for the first time. Start to act slowly and carefully, if she doesn’t mind – build up momentum.

  • Use a good quality vaginal lubricant, as any movement in a dry vagina can hurt her. Yes, most girls need extra lubrication!
  • This is not an indicator that she is weakly aroused or that you are doing something wrong, it’s just a feature of her vagina.
  • If you doubt your actions, then it is better to ask how she likes more, or even ask to show how she turns herself on.
stories porn blog How you can bring pleasure to your woman in bed

Focus on clitoris

Yes, women want more than classic vaginal penetration. Some women like it when multiple fingers enter the ass and vagina at the same time.

You can try hard sucking, licking, and using your nose and forehead to apply pressure to the clitoris area.

Try different levels of pressure, rhythms, and duration to find what she likes best.

For many women, direct contact with the clitoris can be too intense, although they like the rhythmic pressure on the shaft of the clitoris. The clitoris in an excited state swells and it will be easier for you to stimulate its trunk and base.

  • Focus on the vulva (inner and outer lips) and clitoris, not the vagina (inner part).
  • If you are both interested in getting her to orgasm, focus on stimulating her clitoris and labia.
  • Most women cannot achieve orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone, so you don’t have to rely only on your penis.

Use toys

When you think about how to properly fuck a girl, first of all, you need to relax her, this will help you reach orgasm faster. Using an external vibrator on her clitoris will help you with this process.

Using sex toys gives her the opportunity to truly reveal her sexuality.

In addition, it relieves you of some of the responsibility and you do not run the risk of reaching the finish line before her.

Toys are indispensable for long-lasting sex. Some women may spend more than an hour warming up before cumming.

For them, prolonging pleasure can be brighter and more enjoyable than an orgasm.

Also, try to watch with her pantyhose XXX videos for maximum pleasure.

Use tantric sex

Tantric sex is slow, sensual lovemaking that creates a deep, intimate bond between lovers. Many women enjoy this leisurely approach.

Even if tantra is not for you, bet on creating an emotional connection during sex.

Think about her, and not only about orgasm

A woman wants to be sensually stroked and caressed, and not grabbed.

Not everyone likes rudeness and BDSM. One of my friends complains that her husband always grabs her breasts as if it were a piece of meat. A woman wants to see the adoration in the eyes of her man.

If she notices that your main goal is not to please her, but only to have a quick orgasm, then she will think that all this fuss is needed only to amuse your ego, to show what kind of man you are.

Invite her to participate in the process

Ask her questions and encourage her attempts to express her sexual desires.

Sometimes it is the right combination of time, relaxation, and technique that leads a woman to intense orgasms and complete satisfaction.

Make sure she has cum and you don’t have to continue

Women have the ability to reach orgasm multiple times per night. This means that your job as her partner is to make sure she has as many orgasms as possible.

Therefore, you do not need to rely only on yourself and your strength, prepare additional accessories, lubricant and toys in advance to help her get a maximum discharge.

She should feel beautiful

For girls, this is much more than sex.

Try to say for no reason: “You are so beautiful!” and emotional satisfaction is guaranteed.

Buy her something that she has long wanted

It is this chaos that is the most important factor for quality sex because the girl feels happy. After all, it is so important when she realizes what a man needs and it turns her on a lot. Thus, many years ago, as today, the ritual of seduction was carried out – through gifts or various bribes of the girl with his attention. no matter how much the thing will cost, it will still be incredibly pleasant for her to know that you love and want her.


These tips will not only help you feel better about sex but also improve your relationships and improve your family life. Thus, the girl will understand your intentions and begin to trust you more, because you want to please her, and not just yourself.

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