Upskirt Dogging With Domina Wife

So. I’m a big-time upskirt fetishist. That’s well known about me around my online social circles. But no one in real life knows about this. Although I always tried to keep this passion of mine for myself, after 15 years of being married to this woman, I made a big mistake.

stories  Upskirt Dogging With Domina Wife

All the upskirt photos, videos, and femdom stories I took over the past 15 years were stored on an external drive. I usually hide it in a special slot underneath the desk in my study. But this one-day last summer I forgot about it. I left it on the table and connected to my laptop before I went out for some shopping. My wife likes to snoop around my browser history from time to time. I don’t hide my porn habits from her, other than the upskirt kink. All the other kinks I leave them out in the open in my browser. She likes to check them out, and then we do whatever she finds interesting in my searches. That’s how we started all the pegging and watersports we usually do on our fun nights.

But this time she found something she didn’t agree with at all. When I came back, she started shouting at me. I’ve never seen her so angry and mad. Her face was red, and her eyes were locked on me.

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Cute Redhead Wife Flashing From a Car

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