Girls refuse to wear panties to the delight of the Internet

Pantyless girls are one of the wettest and juiciest fantasies of guys around the world. Many people try to see the outlines of panties under a skirt or trousers, and when they do not find them, they get wildly excited. This is one of the entertainments in public transport that never gets boring! 

porn blog Girls refuse to wear panties to the delight of the Internet

But today, panties less is becoming a real trend, and there is no time for just hot sexual fantasies anymore. The stars stopped wearing panties, and many girls also did not hide that they decided to make their pussies free! And if earlier it was possible to hope to see drunk upskirt pussy in a bar after 00:00, now they can appear anywhere, anytime! Almost all celebrities have already been caught without panties, and they are not at all embarrassed about it. What can we say about the most ordinary girls who are just very hot or want to show off intimate haircuts? 

A new trend for celebrities – pantyless dresses 

The stars are always not averse to walking on the carpet in revealing outfits, but the new trend is in the teeth of only the fearless. It is these photos that are then sent to erotica sites in the sections “naked celebrities” and “celebrities’ public flashing”. The most important trend is high cutouts on skirts and dresses. So high that it becomes clear – you can’t wear panties under them! So, there is a crowd of celebrity beauties walking around on the carpet without panties at all! 

Kendall Jenner started the fashion for high necklines and bare buttocks back in 2014, and the dress did not cause a shock, but on the contrary, all the stars also wanted such! Beauty Bella Hadid went to the Cannes Film Festival wearing a red dress, and under it, obviously, there was nothing. By the way, not only the stars use this technique. Even for more modest, but tight-fitting dresses, the panties are a crime against fashion and style. 

The heat makes girls go commando 

Many men admit that they like to take secret upskirt photos of beautiful girls. And they are surprised to realize that there are no panties there! Many of them frankly say that they feel much freer this way. Especially in summer, when it is very hot, an extra layer of clothing becomes critical. They want a fresh breath of wind, which is very often extremely insidious.

porn blog Girls refuse to wear panties to the delight of the Internet

In cold weather, real lovers of debauchery also do not lag behind tights to help them, but still, there are often no panties under them! It’s a little warmer this way, but in general, the exciting effect of half-naked walks remains. And yes, many of them don’t mind being caught in this little nasty crime. 

The sites where girls can post their photos with naked buttocks under skirts on the Internet are becoming more and more popular, and they take advantage of this opportunity. A lot of girls and women get real pleasure by independently choosing and posting photos of their asses and pussies on the web. Unfortunately, the revenge photo trend still persists, although the public has long been sharply against such revenge. 

Naughty upskirt curiosities of celebrities 

If we are talking about celebrities who managed to shoot completely pantyless, then it’s worth remembering Kate Middleton! Even monarchs may dislike underwear, and we have witnessed this. In one photo, Kate suddenly managed to be shot without panties under her skirt and with a very cute intimate haircut. Well, this is a real treasure for those who adore such photos! Of course, it spread over the Internet in one hour, and the whole world appreciated the aesthetic tastes of the Duchess. 

Paris Hilton has paraded in front of the public many times, flashing her shaved pussy. She became famous for her unsuccessful exits from the car when her super-short dress was pulled up so that everything was visible. Selena Gomez at one of the performances boasted tights on her naked body – girls in nylons and without panties, this is another fashionable trend in the world of adult entertainment! 

porn blog Girls refuse to wear panties to the delight of the Internet

Even the modest Anne Hathaway lit up in the celebrity categories without panties on all porn sites. Getting out of the car, Ann flashed her naked pussy under an elegant black dress. It seems that the stars completely forget that the paparazzi see and notice absolutely everything! And after every fashion show or festival, tons of photos of stars without panties pour into the Internet. 

And even Emma Watson managed to become famous – she was just getting out of the car in a rather modest dress, but under it, we immediately saw her neat intimate haircut. No worse than Kate Middleton’s! 

It seems that the stars have conspired and are doing it for the sake of fame and attracting attention. After all, they all come across the same thing – getting out of the car, a short skirt, a naked pussy in front of hundreds of people. And none of them complains about juicy photos on the Internet. How can it be – just for the sake of raising their ratings?

The wind is the main assistant of upskirts hunters

Many hunters of pantyless girls know that a strong wind in summer is the main helper in this matter! The juiciest and most unusual shots come across precisely on windy days when he quickly reveals interesting views under a skirt. And the shorter the skirt, the more likely it is that a pleasant surprise awaits you after a swift gust of wind. Please note that most of the shots with sudden public exposure were made precisely because of the strong wind. 

porn blog Girls refuse to wear panties to the delight of the Internet

Although, as practice shows us, some beauties do not mind lifting their skirts so that someone finds out their little secret! Famous sexual trends are beginning to clarify something: in fact, girls do not like to wear panties at all, and now they can safely declare it. They want to feel relaxed and sexy, and they don’t hesitate to show it.

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